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Our wines

Our wines have surprising character and are well balanced between an aromatic nose, a strong velvety smooth palate and a spicy finish. Some "militant" wines to be firmly categorized as « gastronomic », in opposition to wines of thirst or wines to be drunk on a terrace.

Our range is declined into 3 colors :

Our unique white wine:

Prima Donna : to be served around 11°, it perfectly pairs with fresh fishes, sushi or all kind of seafood. It is also a perfect aperitif.

2 rosé wines

- a rosé of saignée from pure merlot grape: Le Rosé
- a blended rosé from Merlot and pinot noir: Le caravage

3 reds share votes

Bel Canto : it pairs with game meat, roasted poultry and soft cheeses.
Orfeo : a blended cuvee to pair with red meats, duck and other game birds
pure merlot Bellae Domini is a pleasure wine, to create very diverse culinary associations such as meats, games or chocolate desserts

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Nos vins ont du caractère et vous surprendront.
  • Bel Canto

    A short fermentation in order to extract the very best fruit...
  • Orfeo

    The finest expression of fullness from very ripen black berries aromas...
  • Rigoletto

    An unusual cuvee defying the law of nature…
  • Bellae Domini

    Very persistant on the mouth, its tannin structure is soft and silky...
  • Le Caravage

    its power at the moment takes you to the unforeseen...
  • Clementia

    Une robe ambrée à reflets dorés. Une attaque franche où la puissance côtoie la douceur...
  • Prima Donna

    This wine will perfectly pair with fresh fishes through all forms...
  • Naissens

    Naissens est une cuvée fines bulles qui s’inspire de la méthode originelle...
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