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Located in South Vendée, the vineyard is in fact the southernmost vineyard of the Loire Valley, equidistant from the Loire and the Medoc.

Completely planted on superficially chalky soil (ammonites from Trias era), one third of the vineyard is planted on southern slopes, another third on western slopes more exposed to maritime weather, and a remaining third on the plateau.

The top soil is a silt-laden clay, shingly but rich in organic material. Formally virgin of any vine growth, it benefits from a rich microbial culture giving a strong resistance both to bacterial and cryptogrammic diseases.

In organic culture certified ECOCERT, entirely laid down to grass, the vineyard is run on lines that encourage this potential; close pruning, organic fertilizer, with all intervention kept to the minimum for a modest yield (averaging from 25 to 30 hectoliters per hectare)

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